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PM#3: School of Film Agents 2016 in review (German) (Polish)

PM#2: The SOFA mentors and experts (German) (Polish)

PM#1: The SOFA class of 2016 – Kickoff press release

Latest news picks from SOFA 

2016-11 Afisha on Lizaveta Bobrykavas project Bel:Cinema (Russian)

2016-11 Older ARTE report on Iris Elezi’s project (French / English subtitles)

2016-11 Big german news article on the SOFA project (German)

2016-10 ABC News Albania Interview with Iris Elezi (Video)

2016-10 News Interview with Magdalena Puzmujźniak (Video)

2016-09 on Dumitru Marians project (Moldova)

2016-09 diez  on Dumitru Marians project (Moldova)

2016-09 Wyborcza Poznan on Magdalena Puzmujźniaks project (Polish)

2016-08 on Dumitru Marians project (Moldova)

2016-08 Unimedia on Dumitru Marians project

2016-07 Website of the Wroclaw Film Commission (polish)

2016-07 The Polish Film Institute covering SOFA kickoff (polish)

2016-07 Georgian National Film Center on the kickoff (georgian)

2016-07 Screendaily article

2016-07  Wrocław 2016 and FilmNewEurope covering 2016 kickoff 

2016-03 SOFA participant Cristian Hordila on his workshop experience [Video]

2016-03 SOFA-Interview with Dieter Kosslick [Video]

2016-03 Variety exclusive –  SOFA Training Program Adds Georgia Workshop

Culture is not a luxury – it’s necessity
An interview with Nikolaj Nikitin by Anna Bielak (Polish, web-pdf – Page 64)

Virtual reality Video with Nikolaj talking about SOFA 

Long article from Indiewire

Long article from the British Film Institute on eastern cinema featuring SOFA

The Polish Film Institute presenting SOFA 2015 (polish)

The Ukrainian Wiz-Art-Blog on SOFA and participant Olha Reiter

SOFA 2015 announcement on FilmNewEurope

Wroclaw 2016 covering the announcement

Film Commission Poland on the project announcement

The Hollywood Reporter on SOFA 2014 project Transilvania Film Fund

Coverage of the SOFA presentation in Cluj

Long article on indiewire about the upcoming third edition

Our own video report with insights to the project

Video on Demand as a SOFA-focus in 2014

VIDEO INTERVIEW: SOFA founder and director Nikolaj Nikitin on his ‘dream project’

Variety unveils the SOFA participants of 2014


Press release 07/07/2015

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Kickoff for the third edition of SOFA!
Nikolaj Nikitin announces participants and lecturers at Karlovy Vary

Press release 07/07/2014

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Round 2! Kickoff for the 2nd edition of SOFA
Nikolaj Nikitin announces workshop participants and lecturers

Press release 03/09/2013

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So Far, So Good! First School of Film Agents (SOFA) successfully completed

Pressemitteilung 03.09.2013

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Denn sie wissen, was sie tun: Erste School of Film Agents (SOFA) erfolgreich beendet

Press release 30/07/2013

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The Magnificent Ten: Nikolaj Nikitin and Dieter Kosslick announce SOFA participants and lecturers

Pressemitteilung 30.07.2013

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Die glorreichen Zehn: Nikolaj Nikitin und Dieter Kosslick verkünden SOFA-Teilnehmer und Dozenten

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