SOFA – School of Film Agents

a workshop for up-and-coming film professionals

In its 4th edition SOFA invites young film agents for a ten-day workshop training to Wroclaw, Poland. The program’s special quality is its unique target group: upcoming film professionals from Middle and Eastern Europe, Germany, Greece, Central Asia and the republics of Caucasus SOFA doesn’t aim to educate film directors or producers. SOFA supports culture promoters, mediators and catalyzers with unique film/cinema project ideas for the local and international audience in their country of origin – in all possible creative shapes.
SOFA helps its participants to make their innovative »dream project« come true and – at the same time – develops regional film culture and industry.


Don’t sit on your couch: join SOFA!

Who we look for

young film lovers with previous experience in film (studies, business etc.)

from Central or Eastern Europe / Central Asia / republics of Caucasus / Greece / Germany planning to establish a …

film festival, film fund, film commission / promotion, a project in digital distribution, a cinema theater, film museum / archive, film association, a project connected to copyright law, a print or online film magazine, VoD-platform, a a training initiative or another creative project in the field of film culture management

How to be part of it

If we drummed up your interest, submit the following documents (in English) to Nikolaj Nikitin,

max. two pages of project description: what’s your project idea about? What’s your
motivation? Where will the project be located and why? Tell us about your objectives and
tell us what’s so new and unique about your project! Why it is you who can make it?

a one-pager on the budget–not necessarily worked out, just some ideas about costs and how to finance your project

a professional biography and background info on how you got involved working in film

SOFA 2016 Team

Founder and Director:
Nikolaj Nikitin

Eva Tüttelmann

Project Manager:
Karolina Waschto

Magdalena Banasik
Berenika Partum
Radosław Drabik
Eurydyka Sobiecka
Przemek Mrozek

Press Office:
Oliver Bernau

Editorial Office:
Oliver Baumgarten
Werner Busch
Marieke Steinhoff

Making-of film and photography:
Bartos Brothers –

Nikolaj Nikitin Director & Founder,

Organizer Fundacja Filmplus, CEO: Radoslaw Drabik & Nikolaj Nikitin
Filmplus gemeinnützige UG, CEO: Nikolaj Nikitin & Oliver Baumgarten
Design & Photo Oktober Kommunikationsdesign GmbH,

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