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  • Meet our mentors

    09. March 2017
    During the 2016 workshop of SOFA participant Dumitru Marian from Moldova did some very nice and informative interviews with some of our mentors. Check out the videos on Dumitrus Vimeo profile!
  • SOFA reunion

    12. February 2017
    2017-02_SOFA_reunion_Berlinale Maintaining the tradition! Every year, the Berlinale is one of the most importand venues for film professionals from Europe and all over the world. No wonder, it is the ideal place for our annual reunion, in which participants and mentors from every SOFA edition come together to connect and re-connect. Find some photo keepsakes from this year on our Facebook page: here, here and here.
  • Happy hollidays and a happy new SOFA year!

    23. December 2016
    The SOFA class of 2016 Dear SOFA friends, we wish you happy holidays and a great new year! Don’t miss our reunion at the Berlinale and stay tuned for our new follow-up workshop, that will take place in Georgia in may of 2017. As a recap for the year 2016, see some artistic AI-recreations in this gallery on Facebook. See you soon!
  • Baltic View launching in January 2017

    26. November 2016
    Baltic-View-Launch Inesa Ivanova presented her SOFA project at PÖFF | Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, aiming for a launch in January of 2017 and bringing together some of the best films from the fast growing and dynamic cinema of the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The online service will run alongside other activities, including cinema screenings in capital cities, beginning with London and Edinburgh. Special events will also be launched during film festivals. Have a look at the trailer, here!
  • New media coverages

    07. November 2016
    news-maerkische A detailed, compelling and entertaining article on SOFA, explaining the basic idea and talking about some of our recent projects was just released by Märkische Oderzeitung … You can find this great read in an online article here and as a pdf – right here. Of course, you can find more recent articles in the press section of our website.  
  • A new focus

    27. October 2016
    Nikolaj Nikitin and Oliverbaumgarten during Filmplus 2016 16 years ago, Nikolaj Nikitin and Oliver Baumgarten founded Filmplus, the first forum and festival in Europe that solely focussed on the art of film editing. With SOFAs on-going success story and expansion in 2017, including a second workshop in Georgia, it was time for the Filmplus CEOs to step down and give the festival into the good hands of it’s artistic director Kyra Scheurer and project manager Jenny Krüger, together with editor Dietmar Kraus. Thank you, Nicki and Oli! More pictures: here.
  • Iris Elezi talks about her SOFA experience

    27. September 2016
    ABC News Albania talked to Iris Elezi about her SOFA experience and her amazing project “The Albanian Cinematheque”. Elezi is hoping to create a space solely designated to film culture, its education and promotion in the capital city of Tirana. It will be comprised of a cinematheque with curated screenings, an artist’s studio supporting a residency program aimed at helping the growth of Albanian filmmakers, and a research center for the critical study of film. Here is the video WITH SUBTITLES! Have a look!
  • SOFA 2016 in review

    22. September 2016
    Class of 2016 In its 4th edition, from August 19th to 28th 2016, SOFA – School of Film Agents has given eight exceptionally promising young cultural managers the possibility to develop their own film structure projects with the help of expert tutors. Realizing these projects will lead to an effective and sustainable strengthening of the film landscape in the participants’ home countries in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region, where unstable political and economic conditions have led to an underdeveloped film industry. This focus on cultural management and film agents, instead of producers and directors, is what makes SOFA a unique workshop in the international advanced training landscape. Have a look at our review in English, German or Polish.
  • Interview with mentor Katriel Schory

    14. September 2016
    He is a great inspiration for all of us film agents! Dear mentor Katriel Schory of Israel Film Fund – קרן הקולנוע הישראלי talked to SOFA participant Dumitru Marian about the cinema of Israel, the Film Fund, and – of course – SOFA. Have a look at this wonderful little video interview and get some inspiration!
  • Thank you!

    01. September 2016
    SOFA Class of 2016 For 10 days, wonderfull Wroclaw, European Capital of Culture 2016, and the grounds of Zamek Topacz became the home for our eight participants in their extensive workshop training here at SOFA – School of Film Agents. We thank this great SOFA class of 2016 for all their energy, will, experience, personality, wit, intelligence and dedication! And a big and wholehearted thank you goes to all our great partners and supporters for making our unique training program possible!
  • SOFA has gegun

    19. August 2016
    The SOFA family 2016 The SOFA family has grown! Eight young participants from all over Europe have come to beautiful Wroclaw 2016, this years European Capital of Culture to present, examine and reshape their amazing projects for the future of cinema. Stay close to our Facebook page to get daily news on this years workshop, the participants, the mentors and the projects!
  • The SOFA mentors and experts

    13. August 2016
    SOFAmentors Following SOFA director Nikolaj Nikitin’s invitation to the European Capital of Culture 2016 in Wrocław, Poland, a team of internationally renowned industry professionals will provide the participants with the necessary input for a practical development of their project ideas. The mentors of the eight participants are: Oliver Baumgarten (Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis, Saarbrücken), Sibylle Kurz (pitching expert, Frankfurt), Ewa Puszczyńska (producer, Łódź), Renaud Redien-Collot (Novancia Business School, Paris). Additionally, nine experts for specific projects will give creative support for the film-oriented cultural projects of the participants. Read more about them in our recent press release.
  • Follow us on Facebook!

    03. August 2016
    follow-us The 2016 edition of SOFA is only a few days away. From the 19th to the 28th of August, eight participants from eight different countries will get in touch with a selected board of mentors to make their dream project come true. Find more infos, first glimpses of their projects and daily news on our Facebook page. Please like, and don’t forget to turn on the notifications. 🙂
  • »Creativity knows no nationality« – kickoff 2016

    04. July 2016
    kick-off-2016 During the 51st International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, SOFA Director Nikolaj Nikitin announced the names and projects of eight participants to take part in the fourth edition of the workshop initiative. »Promoting film education, creating alternative ways for film distribution and audience development as well as maintaining Europe’s cinematographies – these main goals propel the eight upand-coming film agents who we have selected for the fourth SOFA edition«, Nikitin says. Get to know them on our Website!
  • SOFA get’s ready for the 2016 Kickoff

    12. June 2016
    ready-kick-off   For the last couple of weeks there was a lot going on behind the scenes of SOFA, dozens and dozens of amazing and elaborated applications were evaluated and a class of 2016 is taking shape right now. In the beginning of July, at the 51st edition of International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, we’ll open the curtain and present our new participants and their most interesting projects.  
  • Call closed

    06. May 2016
    i-am-it The deadline for SOFA 2016 ended on 5th of May 2016. Many great applications came in on the last days of our call. Thanks to all of you, who applied with fantastic ideas for the future of cinema in your country! In the upcoming days, the SOFA team will study each one of these applications, evaluate them and come back to you at the beginning of June. Best of luck!
  • Last call!

    19. April 2016
    News_Thumbnail_Call In its fourth edition SOFA –School of Film Agents invites eight young professionals for an intense workshop to Wrocław, European Capital of Culture 2016.  We support film initiators and catalysers with unique project ideas in cinema promotion. Our call for applications is open ‘til 5th of May 2016. Find everything you need to know in this PDF and send in your dream project! SOFA –School of Film Agents is scheduled from 19–28 August 2016. All lectures are provided free of charge.
  • Cristian Hordila talks about his SOFA experience

    17. April 2016
    vlcsnap-2016-04-19-10h14m36s947 Cristian Hordila’s ambitious SOFA project “Transylvania Film Fund” is on the rise. SOFA founder Nikolaj Nikitin had the chance to talk with him about his experience at our workshop during the Berlinale 2016. We captured their conversation in this little Berlinale Recap. Our new call for applications is open ‘til 5th of May 2016. find everything you need to know in this PDF.
  • Interview with Dieter Kosslick

    06. April 2016
    News_Thumbnail_Kosslick During the premiere of Tomasz Wasilewski’s amazing drama United States of Love / Zjednoczone Stany Miłości at the Berlinale, we had the chance to talk with dear SOFA godfather Dieter Kosslick about the cinema of Poland, check out our exclusive video. SOFA – the School of Film Agents supports film initiators and catalysers with unique project ideas in cinema promotion. And our call for applications is still open, check it out:
  • SOFA goes Georgia

    30. March 2016
    Screenshot_2016-03-30-10-18-25~01 In the light of the success of the first three editions, SOFA plans to expand its work by staging a second workshop in Georgia for April 2017. The world renowned media Magazine Variety covered this story and gives an update on the recent successes of SOFA projectes. Follow this link to read the whole story. 
  • SOFA reunion at Berlinale

    13. February 2016
    SOFA_reunion The Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival serves as a great place for SOFA reunions every year. The participants not only have the opportunity to stay in touch with each other and their mentors (pictured is Roberto Olla on the far right), it’s also a checkpoint for themselves to see where there projects are standing. Six of our eight participants of 2015 could be present in Berlin (not pictured is Olha Reiter), so we were happy to celebrate a wonderfull reunion night at the Polish Party of the PISF.
  • CINEBUS news

    03. February 2016
    10. Gosia Tusk Cinebus Keys_Fot. Janusz Bulanda During the Film Spring Open event in Kraków last year, Hollywood star Natalie Portman and renowned DP Sławomir Idziak presented the SOFA – School of Film Agents project CINEBUS along with ourparticipant Gosia Tusk. More pictures of the event on Facebook. The studio on wheels is the first of its kind in Poland and is both a training facility and a mobile production unit, in short: very creative! Read more about it and the event here.
  • Send your application!

    16. January 2016
    News_Application2016 SOFA supports film initiators and catalysers with unique project ideas in cinema promotion and you can apply for our fourth edition in August 2016 – NOW! All you need to know about it, can be found in this PDF. We look for young film lovers with previous experience in film (studies, business etc.) from Central or Eastern Europe, Central Asia, republics of Caucasus, Greece and Germany. The workshop is scheduled from 19-28 of August and will take place in the European Capital of Culture 2016 – Wrocław.
  • We have a movie!

    24. December 2015
    News_SOFA_Film   Our dear friends of Manifiesta Film put a lot of artistic and technical effort into our new SOFA movie. It coveres the workshop of 2015 with its participants, mentors and team and explains  how our mentoring system works. Subtitled versions of the movie will be available soon. Big thanks to Goethe Institut for making this possible! To all SOFA friends: We wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderfull start into 2016, when the fourth edition of SOFA will once again take place in Wrocław.  
  • In the media

    13. December 2015
    media_coverage SOFA – the School of Film Agents is quite a new thing, even in it’s third edtition of 2015. It’s approach and ambitions are quite uncommon in Europe and so, we are very happy about the media coverage that put’s as in the right spot. Not only international media like Idiewire did a huge articele about us, also the press in Poland is quiete euphoric, just have a look at this article from the Polish Filmmakers Association. We even went into Virtual Reality via a video by Feeling Films. More:
  • SOFA everywhere

    16. November 2015
    inbetween Since SOFA 2015, founder and director  Nikolaj Nikitin traveled all over Europe to meet up with SOFA participants from all editions of the Film Agents School and it’s supporters.  From Olso to Stockholm, from Stockholm to Oostende, Athens, Tbilisi, Cologne, Cottbus, Minsk, Tallinn, Zagreb, Budapest to Berlin… and more… it was a hell of a ride. You can stay close to Nikolaj while he travels all over Europe on Facebook, just stay close with our account there:
  • Thank you!

    31. August 2015
    asdddd “Thank you, SOFA class of 2015! You are truly amazing! With your graduation (all with AAA), as the 3rd generation of FILM AGENTS, your energy, will, experience, personality, wit, intelligence and dedication proved, that there is a real demand for SOFA as a unique training for a quickly developing part of the world. All our  mentors believe strongly in you and that you’ll succeed with your great, original and needed projects in your countries! I have to thank all our outstanding experts and all our founders and partners who made our dream project SOFA come to life!” — Nikolaj Nikitin
  • SOFA has started!

    23. August 2015
    announcement After several month of intensive preparations SOFA has finally started last Friday. People from all over Europe (and – for the first time – Central Asia!) flocked together to unite as the SOFA family of 2015. With us are also our first mentors, pictured here, with our team. SOFA is supported by these eminent experts who (during lectures and intense one-on-one meetings) share their unique knowledge and offer specific assistance with individual projects. Learn more about our great participants, their projects, the mentors, and SOFA itself here on Facebook!
  • Learn more about the SOFA Class of 2015!

    25. July 2015
    The Class of 2015 Come and see! In less then a month, SOFA 2015 will take off with it’s third installment. This time, SOFA invited eight participants from eight different countries having eight great projects in tow! You can learn more about them and their projects on our webpage in some sweet little synopsises. “We are very pleased that six of the eight participating project proposals will be developed by women and, for the first time, Central Asia will be represented with a relevant project from Tajikistan”, Nikolaj Nikitin noted. Have a look and stay tuned as SOFA 2015 is coming closer and closer… Find frequent updates in the next weeks on
  • Projects announcement!

    04. July 2015
    announcement SOFA founder and director Nikolaj Nikitin announced the names and projects of eight participants at the 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. »The breadth and ingenuity of this year’s project ideas impressively reflects the film structural and cultural challenges we are attempting to address in these respective regions. […] We are very pleased that six of the eight participating project proposals will be developed by women and, for the first time, Central Asia will be represented«, commented Nikitin. Details about the projects will follow soon.
  • Wroclaw 2016 has started

    25. June 2015
    wroclaw_project The city of Wrocław, a strong partner of SOFA since the beginning, will be the European Cultural Capital of 2016! Nikolaj Nikitin visited the announcement of the project Wroclaw 2016 which was a grand opening at the arena. During his Wrocław visit he not only attended this event, but also met with SOFA team members, mentors and important partners who brought SOFA to Wrocław. In less then two month, we will be back for SOFA 2015! (Pictured: Nikolaj Nikitin with Dominica Luśniak at the Wrocław 2016 head office.)
  • Transilvania Film Festival

    10. June 2015
    cluj-foto Once again Nikitin went to – amazing, outstanding and just fantastic – TIFF, the Transilvania International Film Festival in Cluj. The event is now the most important Romanian film festival and surely one of the best and fun places in all SOFA countries – and a ideal place to meet all mayor figures of the uprising Romanian film industry. Not only the audience was interested in the presentation of the SOFA project, which Nikolaj did together with dear participants Melinda and Cristian, but also the press. PHOTO: TIFF 2015 / Adi Bulboaca  
  • SOFA rocked Cannes

    24. May 2015
    cannes-2 The SOFA family rocked Cannes Film Festival: Un Certain Regard winner RAMS will be distributed by SOFA participant Jan Naszewski trough New Europe Film Sales. And ZVIZDAN / THE HIGH SUN, co-produced by SOFA mentor Misa Mogorović, won the Jury Prize of the Un Certain Regard Section. The Grand Prize of the Jury also went east: SON OF SAUL was the only debut in this years Competition. The film from director László Nemes was produced by Gabor Sipos. Also present at the Croisette: Sonja Topalovic and her SOFA-project FBO. 
  • goEast 2015

    06. May 2015
    Anna Bielak and Nikolaj Nikitin The goEast Film Festival is one of the main events in Europe to get an insight view into the contemporary cinema from the East. Just now it celebrated its 15th jubilee edition. SOFA mentor Miroslav Mogorović was lucky enough to win not only the main festival award, but some others as well. Our dear SOFA participant Anna Bielak was also able to join the reunion and to be part in a very nice presentation of the SOFA project, thanks to East-West Talent Lab. Read more about the festival here.
  • FRONT moves on

    21. April 2015
    kestitus-crop-2 The project “FRONT” of our dear SOFA participant Kestutis Drazdauskas just made a huge step forward as the plans to digitalise 20 abandoned Cultural Houses in Lithuania are now official. Kestutis is one of the founders of Vilnius Film Cluster, that will apply for EU‘s structural funds in order to build a digital network in Lithuania. Kestitus just presented the new progress at the Kino Pavasaris | Vilnius International Film Festival and we‘re very proud that FRONT is developing really well!
  • Prolonged deadline

    09. April 2015
    prolonged We are excited about the many many applications for the upcoming edition of SOFA – School of Film Agents that we received in the last couple of weeks. The European film scene is full of great new ideas and it will be hard for us to choose our participants. Which is great! We also received lots of requests for a prolonged deadline in the last couple of days and decided to postpone it until 24th of April. So, more people are able to send in their material, and we are really looking forward to it! Thanks to all our amazing partners, alumnis, tutors & friends for speading the SOFA-spirit!  
  • FBO reaches beta

    03. March 2015
    FBO_1 “FBO – Festival Box Office” is now in it’s beta version and was presented at the European Film Market in Berlin. The project was developed by Serbian producers Sonja Topalovic and Miroslav Mogorovic at the SOFA – School of Film Agents workshop 2013 in Wroclaw. With it’s unique tools, FBO should likely affect a huge number of film festivals and movie distribution itself in Europe. SOFA will keep it’s close look at FBO. We wish all the very best for the near future!
  • IDA wins

    23. February 2015
    ewa_1_crop She made it! IDA, produced by our dear SOFA counselor Ewa Puszczyńska, is the Best Foreign Language Film of the Year! Director Pawel Pawlikowski took the Oscar trophy at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles and did the best, funniest (and longest) acceptance speach of this glamourous evening. It was the first win for Poland in this category, 40 years after the first nomination for Roman Polanskis KNIFE IN THE WATER (1964). Our heartfelt congratulations to Ewa and the whole IDA-Crew!
  • SOFA Reunion in Berlin

    08. February 2015
    SOFA Reunion in Berlin The Polish Film Institute recently celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Berlinale. SOFA participants, mentors and executives flocked together to join this happy event.  The Polish film industry is on the rise – more than ever. Both BODY and AFERIM! won a Silver Bear for Best Direction and IDA, produced by SOFA counselor Ewa Puszczyńska, can become a Oscar winner in a couple of days. “But to hear about some major progresses in the projects of recent SOFA participants is the biggest joy of all”, Nikitin emphasised enthusiastically.
  • Call for Proposals

    01. February 2015
    Call for Proposals 2015! Our unique training initiative is looking for young film culture managers! SOFA – School of Film Agents invites young film agents for a workshop training to Wroclaw, Poland. The program’s special quality is its unique target group: SOFA supports culture promoters, mediators and catalyzers with unique film/cinema project ideas for the local and international audience in their country of origin – in all possible creative shapes. New projects for SOFA 2015 may be submitted as of now. Deadline: April, 24th 2015.

SOFA – School of Film Agents

a workshop for up-and-coming film professionals

SOFA – School of Film Agents invites young film agents for a workshop training to Wroclaw, Poland. The program’s special quality is its unique target group: upcoming film professionals from Middle and Eastern Europe, Germany, Greece, Central Asia and the republics of Caucasus. SOFA doesn’t aim to educate film directors or producers. SOFA supports culture promoters, mediators and catalyzers with unique film/cinema project ideas for the local and international audience in their country of origin – in all possible creative shapes.

SOFA helps its participants to make their innovative »dream project« come true and – at the same time – develops regional film culture and industry.

Don’t sit on your couch: join SOFA!

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